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From Schroader - 7 Sep 2005

All animal should have respected rights.  The way people treat these animal in slaughter houses is all wrong.

In KFC production factories; first of all loading the chickens up, the men stomp all over them then, and heave them at the loading crate.  The way chickens live in the chicken barns is also ridiculous: crammed in by the thousands in those unsanitary, ammonia filled, bacteria filled barn.

they cut their beaks off

hang them buy their feet

slice their necks and

drop them in a huge pot of scalding hot water.

If this isn't bad enough they do it while the poor chickens are alive, and conscious!  I have been researching this all day, all of this I have found has persuaded me to become a vegetarian!  If you don't believe this you can find these facts at

I am in high school and I became a vegetarian!  You should go here watch the clips to the left and see how you think of the animals! this treatment is also given to pigs, cows, horses, and sheep that I know of!

Okay I hope this effects you!

Save the animals!!!!!!

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Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Schroader:

Thank you very much for writing and for you sensitive heart. We totally agree.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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