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From Phoebe Nash - 11 Sep 2005

I stumbled across your site accidentally, but found it very interesting. I began to cry after a few pictures, and yet, I was not inspired to change my eating habits.

The thing is, not everyone believes in god, and some people are so stubborn as to refuse to support any believers of gods. For example, I became absorbed in the site, and overwhelmed with emotion, starting to think about standing up for my beliefs. Then, you started to refer to god, saying it was against gods wishes. How do you know what god wants? No-one does. Don't bullshit. But, I refuse to get worked up about that. The point is, you should have some kind of warning about the images on your site, I could not find any, what if a young child was to come across it? It wouldn't be a very nice sight. You should, get rid of your references to god.

Apart from all that, I feel your site is making a difference. I mean, I didn't even know these things were happening until now. So, thank-you for awakening me to these occurrences. I am now thinking, dogs right now, are being terrorised and tortured, killed and eaten. It's disturbing, and appalling to hear.

Thank-you again.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Phoebe:

Thank you for your compliments and concerns.

Our web site was primarily started to reach out to the Judao-Christian community, which amount to between 85-90% of the English speaking world population. So, that is the reason you see so many references to God and the Bible. But whether or not people believe, has nothing to do with the truth of our message about the cruelty being inflicted upon animals. We have no intention of offending anyone, and we hope you will understand.

Earlier today, we had a woman write to us and thank us for exposing the truth, and she showed the photos to her children so that they would better understand how cruel some people are, and why it is important for them to live differently, and read labels to make sure that the product isn't contributing to the problem.

Our warning notice is the word, exploitation, which appears on every page of this section.

We really hope you will decide to change your eating habits, and to help inspire you, please take a look at our recipe section 

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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