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From Scott and Robyn Olsen - 13 Sep 2005

Dear Friends:

The seals need your help, and it is urgent.

The Canadian seal hunt—the largest and most brutal slaughter of marine mammals on earth will begin again in March 2006. A bill is about to be passed to allow the killing of 350,000 seal pups in 2006.

Ninety-five percent of the seals killed over the past five years were under three months of age, and the majority were less than one month old. At the time of slaughter, many seal pups have not yet eaten their first solid meal or taken their first swim. Newly separated from their mothers, they literally have no escape from the hunters.

Each year, parliamentarians, journalists and scientists who observe the commercial seal hunt continue to report unacceptable levels of cruelty, including skinning seals alive, dragging conscious seal pups across the ice with boathooks, and leaving wounded animals to suffer in agony. An independent panel of veterinarians that studied the seal hunt in 2001 concluded up to 42 percent of the seals they studied had likely been skinned while still conscious.

The clubbers earn 5% to 10% percent of their income from killing seal pups. The fur is used for the fashion industry.

To read about the hunt: 

To view the photos and videos of the slaughters (they are graphic) and to find out how you can help: 

Here is a list of organizations working to protect seals: 

Please follow the links and sign the petitions now, it will take seconds to do. The new killing quota for 2006 will be announced in Fall and after the announcement it will be too late. It is said to be 350,000! 

Numerous shirts are available at the following sites, please wear them and talk about the seals!: 

Call the Prime Minister of Canada: 1-613-992-4211

Be prepared to state that you will support the Canadian Seafood Boycott until the seal hunt is permanently banned and that you will make sure your friends, family and contacts will do the same.

Here is a list of restaurants and companies currently supporting the boycott of Canadian seafood:  

Albertsons, Costco, Safeway, and Trader Joe’s have not yet joined. Red Lobster is currently being protested regularly for failing to join the boycott. Please write letters and personally let the managers know the pressure is on and they will lose business if they do not join the boycott.

After reading numerous articles with headlines such as “Seal Hunt Resumes with Little Reaction”, it is obvious we need to unite and let our voices be heard.

To help end the Canadian seal hunt, we need your immediate help. Write letters, wear shirts, and most of all spread the word of this atrocity. Please forward this email to at least five people.

All of your actions make a difference, just do something NOW.


Scott and Robyn Olsen

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