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From Stuart Dooley - 25 Sep 2005

I was so deeply distressed by the images I saw.. I was doing art research on Google images, not looking for these kind of photos at all and I just couldn't not carry on looking after I saw the cruelty!!

It really disgusts and angers me that people can be so inhumane to such loving creatures.. I mean my little Jack Russell means the world too me,, I love her too bits and she is the greatest little companion, it just breaks my heart to see some of the situations. how can people be so cold.

I really disagree with animal cruelty but I still eat meat.. I hate the fact that sometimes the animals are killed in terrible ways but I think eating commercial meats is ok if the animals are killed with some sanity. to limit suffering.... I don't know,, I hate animal cruelty but I don't want to give up meat either.....I guess a lot of people find themselves in this position..

Any way, whatever you guys are doing to stop animal cruelty. carry on!!! I admire it profoundly.

Thanks for opening my eyes that little more...

God bless..

Stuart Dooley

Reading England

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Stuart:

Thank you very much for writing. Seeing all the cruelty breaks our hearts, too.

You definitely are not alone in your feelings of "confusion" about wanting to stop the cruelty and still wanting to eat animals and their by-products.

We were facing that dilemma many years ago, but when we came to the realization that, with very few exceptions, all commercial animal products come on the market with unbelievable suffering, we became vegans.

Our dollars were saying torture more animals, but by eliminating all animal products from our lives, we could save many animal every year. And we work to encourage as many others as we can to do the same. It is the only way we know of to end the cruelty.

We have some really good recipe suggestions on our web site, too. Why not try some of them? 

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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