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From Christopher Kuehn - 10 Nov 2005

I'd like to say that all that animal abuse is complete BS and I would definitely report such if I saw it.

Here in the United States, we obviously don't do that kind of stuff to dogs (normally, and by that "stuff," I mean eat the dogs) but in other countries it may be normal, which is fine. However, how they do it is the problem. It's one thing to kill an animal, but to make it suffer is completely uncalled for and what is done to them should be reversed back onto the abuser.

Also, dog fighting is completely out of the question. If us dumb humans want to fight each other, then go on ahead, but these bastards that get the dogs to fight for them so they can make money or to enjoy the "sport" should be shot, and any survivors should be shot again.

This ideas you guys have of not killing animals just makes me pretty much laugh though. We need food, most of us like meat, meat contains protein, and the meat provides jobs for many. And if we were to not slaughter the animals for us to eat, then soon the planet would be flooding with animals. They'd eat our crops, some even attack us, and eventually we'd grow overcrowded. I mean, look at India for Christ sake, the cows outnumber them there. Let's not be stupid about this, it's ok to kill an animal for it's meat and anything else on it that can be used, but it's not okay to make the animal suffer. A nice, quick, deep laceration across the neck is nice and quick, or an easy injection into the bloodstream is 100% acceptable and successful.

if you guys could get back to me on what you feel about what i said, that would be cool, but if not, no problem


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Chris:

Thanks for writing.

The primary problem with any form of violence and abuse is that it always escalates. It never brings about any compassion. So while your ideas are a possible solution, history and practice, and even our present laws won't allow such changes to be adopted, because it would cost more money than it does now.

Secondly, calorie for calorie, most plant foods have just as much protein as animal foods (I.e. How does the cow get so big? From eating plants.)

Thirdly, animals are bred in large numbers. It we stopped breeding them, their numbers would drop dramatically. In addition, people in the animal farming industry would just switch over to plant farming.

Everything would really work better.

We hope this helps.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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