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From Jane Winton - 18 Nov 2005

Greetings to you Mary and Frank,

Thank you for your reply,

As I said I am terrible at keeping up with [email protected], I have not been very well recently, I have been in hospital with depression and part of it is to do with how fed up I am with the people of this planet and my main worry is what they are doing to the planet with the pollution and the threat of global warming which is happening right now, also the fact that creatures are being given ill treatment, and it just seems that there is nothing we can actually do to make sure that alot of our creatures are not suffering in this way, also I am still mourning the loss of my mother whom I had lost early this year, she was ill treated by the carers who use to treat her realy bad, they were physically and verbally abusive towards her.

I just can't get over it.

It will always haunt my thoughts.

Life is too full of cruel people, All this is really having a bad effect on me, I am constantly in and out of hospital.

Any way I will not waffle on incase I bore you! (which I do not want to do),

I hope that I can improve on remembering to [email protected], It is nice to know that somebody else out there cares, it is a shame that it is such a minority of people out there who see things the way we do and is trying their very best to turn things around. Oh well, that is life!!

From Jane,


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Jane:

Thank you for writing. Your letters are not boring. They express the same feelings that we hear for a lot of people.

The cruelty and evil acts you see in other people are their problem, for which they must answer to God. These are not your problems.

Instead of letting these people effect you in a negative way, turn your feelings into positive action and work at exposing the truth to as many other people as you can. The last thing these people want is to have their evil deeds exposed. So, turn the tables on them!

Every day we hear from people who have become veg*n because of what they have learned on our web site. So w know that our efforts are not a lost cause.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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