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From LFF - 28 Nov 2005

Hi. I've been very disturbed by the information on cats and dogs in Korea, Japan and China. It's sickening. I read up on the chickens too.

I was wondering what you thought of people who have a chicken coop and eat the eggs that their own chickens produce? I know that when I was growing up, my uncle had a few chickens and I know that he ate the eggs that he found in there. There wasn't any cruelty involved in this. how do you feel about people do this?

Also, the information you listed on fish...was about the sport of bow fishing. Are there humane ways to eat fish? We know that Jesus fed 5 fish to thousands, I do believe there must be a humane way to eat fish. What would you suggest?

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear LFF:

Thank you for writing and for your questions and comments:

The way your uncle raised his chickens is a thousand fold better than the way the chickens are treated today in factory farms, but even with his humane way of raising the adult hens, the baby male chicks were killed because they had no commercial value. Do you know what he did with the old hens after they stopped laying eggs?

Jesus multiplied two smoked or salted fish that were presented to him with the loaves of bread. He didn't kill any additional fish.

There really is no way to humanely kill another living being that wants to live, unless we do it the way that we euthanize a terminally ill companion animal.

We hope this helps.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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