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From Katrina Martin - 29 Nov 2005

I have actually reconfigured my research paper to include some of the information I found on your site.

The information you have provided me with has changed my way of thinking on a lot of things.

I do have a question though, I understand why factory produced eggs are bad, but are free-range eggs ok? I had thought so, but I wasn't sure after reading the egg article.

Thank you again,


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Katrina:

We're glad we could be of help with your paper.

Unfortunately, we have learned that much of what is labeled as free range is an advertising gimmick. Some are not raised in cages, but they still live in crowded conditions with no real access the outdoors. These farms still kill the male chicks and send the "spent" hens to the same slaughterhouses. So to answer your question, we believe that free range eggs are somewhat better than battery cage eggs, but they are far from being OK from a compassionate point of view.

We hope this helps.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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