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From Red - 29 Nov 2005

I came across your site, and although most of the photos are very gruesome in detail, the thing I found most upsetting and enraging was the video of US soldiers shooting an innocent dog that posed no threat to them.

Has anyone taken legal action against these soldiers? I find it annoying to know that my tax dollars go to redneck pieces of crap that go over seas and help keep up Americas bad reputation in the world. I guess if these redneck savages are not killing innocent Iraqis (women and children), and blowing up villages, they are killing innocent animals.

Now while I am a consumer of chicken products and red meat out of my own personal preferences and views (hypocritical? maybe), the abuse and consumption of domesticated animals should be outlawed and those who break these laws should be punished to the full extent of the law. It just upsets me to see a person shoot a dog like that and I wish I could inflict the same pain on that soldier.

Just my 2 cents

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Red:

Thank you for writing.

We agree with your assessment of the killer mentality of some of our soldiers. As far as we know, the only response from the military is "They're just dogs!"

Perhaps you can answer a question for us. You are outraged by the cruelty against certain species of animals but eat others that suffer just as much if not more. Putting a view of hypocrisy aside, how do you reconcile this in your mind. We would really like to know.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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