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From Elizabeth Watson - 2 Dec 2005

Good afternoon!

My name is Elizabeth Watson, a university student in Texas. I am and always will be an avid friend and admirer of animals.

I stumbled across your site through a fellow rat owner. I applaud your efforts! I disagree with some positions, but overall it is an important, truly dedicated endeavor, and I am grateful to you.

I do have one question, however: do you boycott ALL animal-related shows, or simply traveling ones like the circus? After all, many credible zoos, rehabilitation centers, or sanctuaries have shows to edify and entertain the general public. After all, if a wealthy woman can be shown how majestic a Siberian tiger is, she may think twice before purchasing that coat. If a child can be spurred to awe and curiosity about these magnificent beasts, then he may well be the next geneticist or veterinarian to cure a major wildlife epidemic.

My point is, such shows serve a vital function in the human-animal relation department. Do you support a ban of these as well? I'm sure I come off as preachy or accusatory, and this is not my intent! I'm curious as to your viewpoint, and I wonder if I've been mislead. I know the groups I have worked with are exceedingly humane with their animals, but are there others that are less respectable?

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Elizabeth Watson

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Elizabeth:

Thank you very much for writing.

We are only against the exploitation of animals. True sanctuaries that provide safe haven and care for animals are perfectly ok. Animal entertainment is exploitive, but to be able to visit the animals in as near natural setting as possible is perfectly acceptable. This kind of educational experience is much more inspirational than watching an animal do unnatural tricks.

We hope this answers your question.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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