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From Emily McDonald - 12 Dec 2005


This is disgusting!

All these “people” who are hurting these poor, innocent animals deserve exactly what they are doing to the animals. I would like to know what is going on through these “peoples” heads when they are inflicting pain upon these animals. They obviously have no heart and only do this for greed and stupidity.

I have a dog and I would never ever think of doing something so horrible to him. I just don’t understand where these “people” get the idea of hurting dogs or any animal. Only people with no feelings or brains do these terrifying deeds. They contain nothing but hatred for these animals. Which is surprising because dogs are mans best friends and to see them being treated the way they are is mortifying.

To see U.S military doing that to a poor little dog who is doing nothing, nothing at ALL to them is absurd! Clearly a little dog looking for food just to survive, who might have had a nice warm house, with a loving family and them just acting like it is a GAME to kill the poor animal! It’s an outrage! It really is disgusting!

I am just a 14 year old with A LOT to say on this matter. I love every single animal in this world and to see that happening to a vulnerable dog is sickening! I know I am basically repeating myself but this is how I feel.

Emily McDonald

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Emily:

Thank you very much for your email.

We also get very disgusted and find ourselves repeating.

You said that you have a lot to say, and you write very well, so if you'd like to write a few short articles about how you feel about these atrocities, we'd be happy to publish them.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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