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From Peter Jackson - 1 Jan 2006

Hi There!

I appreciate your concern for the welfare of animals, dogs in particular.

I do have a problem with your thinking, about equating the barbaric cruelty shown to dogs with eating a burger or chicken.

There are huge differences, the first being that all creatures are not equal. A boy is not a fish is not a rat is not a pig is not a dog.


I do believe however that ALL animals should be treated humanely, whether they are to be pets or dinner.

I can even understand & accept, although not approving, people from other cultures eating dogs.

See the following website for the beginning of a new movement. 

Bottom line, we humans are Omnivores and MUST eat a "small" amount of meat to reach our full potential & lifespan, but we must show more compassion to the animals which keep us healthy.

Dogs are superior to other animals and deserve a higher protected status.

We do not need to be enemies, fighting against each other.

Let's work together to help stop animal suffering instead of working toward the impossible and impractical notion that being a Vegan is a good thing.

While I have no respect for "vegetarians," I do actually respect vegans for walking their talk and harming their own health for the sake of animals. Misguided but admirable.


Peter Jackson

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Peter:

Happy New Year!

A dog may not be a pig, but in many parts of the Orient dogs are considered a meat animal just as much as people in the western world would consider a pig, chicken, or cow. Also many people have pigs as companion animals, too, and pigs are actually more intelligent than dogs. So, in our opinion, your logic doesn't make sense.

If you truly believe that all animals are to be treated humanely, and since more than 95% of all animal products sold in our markets come from factory farms where animals suffer every day of their lives, then by eating these animal products, you are actually supporting and encouraging more cruelty to animals.

Humans are actually fruitivores and not omnivores, and we don't need any animal products to live in very good health. We are in our upper 60's and don't take any medications and rarely see a doctor. So, being a vegan must not be a misguided lifestyle.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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