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From Holly Jackman - 12 Jan 2006

Hi. I have sent you a story recently about my cat, Toby. I just wanted to comment on the link for animal exploitation. I have seen most of the animal link photos and I am appalled at the way we have treated animals. I never knew it would be so awful.

I am an animal lover and I could barely even look at those photos. I just wanted to tell you that in all your notes on the side you say stop doing this or that or put a stop to the cruelty and I just hope that youíre realizing that pretty much the only people that come on to this web-site are the people who love animals. I just donít think your point is coming across to the right people.

All those pictures made me do was cry and I was depressed for 3 days and could barely even eat, and Iím pregnant. I couldnít even think or justify bringing another life into this world; a male child when he could have views like these people we hate. I am scared to raise this child in fear of messing him up. I donít ever want him to think killing an animal is cool or fun and certainly not justifiable.

This world makes me sick sometimes thinking about all the horror and cruelty. And to put an innocent creature through the torture and pain I see in those photos is even more unbearable. Animals are not our way of money or things to be made profit off of. I just wish the rest of the world would realize that. But I fear there is no hope for what we have become today. I personally feel this world is all beyond hope and the oneís who feel something, like you and me and many others are stuck living in it.

Holly Jackman

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Holly:

The world is not beyond hope, and from your experience, you will be able to raise your son to be compassionate, so don't fear.

It has been through exposing the cruelties of the world that the felony cruelty laws came into being in many states for domestic animals, because people spoke out and demanded an end to the abuse. We are seeing some good signs that this is beginning to happen with farmed animals, too, and we all need to keep the pressure to stop the atrocities.

For far to many years even animal lovers have turned a blind eye to the pain and suffering inflicted upon farmed animals, and they are waking up to the horror, as you have.

The most encouraging thing we have seen is the commitment of the young people who write to us, and they are spreading the message throughout their schools and neighborhoods.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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