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From Sarah-Mae - 15 Jan 2006

I am a really big animal lover and I have cried over these images. It is a horrible site to see and just thinking about it makes me burst into tears.

I donít understand why people could do these type of things, I wish that they would realise what they are doing and I wish that people who do animal abuse should be show how it feels to be abused how they abuse there animals.

For example: if a person was to skin a cat alive they should be skinned alive so they feel what it feels like. I hate people who abuse animals. I am totally against it and wish that every one who does it would die.

I am very sensitive about these things and I hope the people that were selling dogs meat have been put in jail or something.!

please write back


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Sarah-Mae:

Thank you very much for writing and expressing your sorrow about the abuse of animals.

Unfortunately, what you wish to happen, won't, but we can let them understand how much people hate what they are doing, but exposing the truth to every one we can, and asking others to join us in our action to end the suffering.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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