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From Sheila Charles - 20 Jan 2006

This site is amazing and I wish more could see it. I have thought twice whenever I go to eat a meat product. Thank you for the information so I can do some part in stopping this.

Would there be any organizations that can get public awareness and stop this?

How much does this stop in the United States?

I am doing a essay for college and so this information would help and it would get some information out in the public.

Can you let me know about this in the U.S?

Keep up the good work and lets put a stop to this.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Sheila:

Thank you for writing and for you inquiry.

There are several organizations like ours working to expose the truth to the general public. Unfortunately, the media picks up very little because it can hurt their advertising money. But this is not a problem on the internet, and we are seeing a very positive change beginning to unfold among young people who are doing things like you are doing with your essay and public speaking, and through informing as many people as they can about the atrocities.

The more people who speak out and withhold our money from the abusers, the sooner we will change the laws and force these cruel people and industries out of business.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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