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From Keryn Lonie - 23 Jan 2006

Thank you for your reply.

I guess in Australia it's a little different. What I did mean about me having a farm with animals is that we use our Clydesdales for ploughing and mowing the paddocks with a horse drawn mower. The other 7 horses I ride and train and compete around the north coast. But we grow our own vegetables and have the horses more as a pleasure activity.

My mum wants me to sell a few horses because its summer over here and is very dry with not much grass. So our farm isn't really like a beef cattle property or anything or breeding our horses for slaughter.

That's what I had noticed with WWF is they rarely show pictures but when they do it is disheartening eg. the dancing bears and dolphins.

In our local area we used to have a lot of wild dingoes but over the years baiting has killed most of them off. But 6 months ago my friends down the road found a little dingo in their paddock they gave him to us because we are part of an organisation called "Friends of the Pound". He was so timid but we persisted with him and his training. We also had DNA tests on him to find that he is 100% dingo. But once he was trained we had to give up the foster care and give him to someone that wants him as a full time pet. So we did and he is really happy.

We have 2 dogs one that we found in a cardboard box on the highway and another that we saved from the pound.

I shall definitely pass on your website which will definitely touch many people.


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Keryn:

Thank you for telling us about your farm. From what you wrote, your farm is quite a bit different from most that we see that raise animals, including many in Australia. We usually see the horror!

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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