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From Felicia - 21 Apr 2006


I am Felicia from Newport, PA. I am a Senior at Newport HS and I am involved in a Vet Science class there. Yesterday our class was researching animal diseases on the internet. I was assigned calves. Upon doing my research I somehow came upon your site. I am an avid animal lover and have volunteered on a horse rescue, in which I ended up with 3 of my own ; ). I began looking at the photos under the cattle heading, not really knowing what to expect. After looking at the photos I was disgusted that people can be so cruel and ignorant to the emotions and feelings of another living, breathing thing.

Although I knew I would be further upset, I continued on the dogs then the fox, the raccoon and so on. I am a person who rescues any animal that needs help. After seeing the photos (especially the ones of the dogs with their front limbs dislocated, the fox being electrocuted and the raccoon skinned alive) I was highly upset.

I am a person who is motivated to change things, and although I am one person I decided to do something. I must say that the photos have been embedded in my mind since I first looked at them, and that they touched my emotions. I am not a cruel person, and I have cried before over animal cruelty, but these photos showed some of the worst.

I have set out on a mission to help stop animal cruelty. I am creating a web page, and have included a link to your site because I feel that this site is something that ALL people need to see. I usually try not to think about it, and go on in my life treating animals kindly, but these photos will not go from my thoughts.

I also like your biblical scripture on the site. I agree 100%, and knowing about these cruel practices makes me not want to support any of these industries (not even meat and eggs).

Thank you for this site and I am glad that I came upon it. I am 18 years old, and although I cannot change the whole world I will try my hardest to do something to help!

Have a good day and thank you again!


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Felicia:

Thank you very much for writing to us and telling us about your experience in learning about these atrocities, and what you're going to do to help stop the cruelty. You made our day (;-))

You have confirmed our premise in publishing our animal exploitation section: that to bring about positive change, we must "touch" people emotionally, for unless we can feel the suffering of others, we usually do very little to end it.

We also have a large recipe section that you might enjoy

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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