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From Mary Hughs - 16 May 2006

I'm in tears at this moment and utterly appalled at what I am seeing.

I have always been a lover of all the many different kinds of primates and could hardly believe that these many photographs that I was viewing were in fact real and not somehow just digitally manufactured for some disgusting movie.

 Alas, I read on and found that these photos were all real and part of some disgusting "research experiment"- what research is so essential and so important, that a beautiful creature like a monkey would need undergo such horrific treatment?

Is there a real answer that someone could give me? It had better me a d**m good one. I had better stop now before I write my own opinionative book.

I appreciate this website for informing me of the extremities on animal cruelty.

-Thank you,

Maria Hughs

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Maria:

Thank you very much for writing and for your concern.

There really isn't any reason why these experiments on animals have to continue.

We and others are working very hard to end the exploitation and abuse of animals, by exposing the truth and informing the public and through encouraging the public to also speak out and demand an end to these atrocities.

You can also help by telling as many people as you can. Together we can help end the pain and suffering.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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