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From Ashley - 8 Jul 2006


My name is Ashley and I am 17. I found your website on Google after looking up animal cruelty.

I know I am probably wasting your time but I just wanted to let you know
that you have touched me greatly!

I love all animals and hate to see any of them hurt. There is a website called MySpace and where you can post bulletins to other friends.

After viewing your site, I posted a bulletin and encouraged all my friends to pass it around to make people aware of all of animal cruelty. I also listed your link on my profile page.

I have to honestly say that I do eat meat so therefore I am guilty of harming animals. However, after discovering this site, Ive realized that I need to stand up and help fight against this cruelty and not be part of it.

I am going vegetarian. I also think I am going to call the animal shelter and ask them if I can foster any animals.

I just thought you would like to know that you got through to me and I am going to try to get through to others.


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Ashley:

You could never take up too much of our time.

We really enjoyed hearing from you and for your help in ending the horrible ways animals are treated in this world.

Animals deserve to have the right not to be mistreated by humans.

Have you seen our large recipe section? Were sure it can help you and your family in your transition to cruelty free eating.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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