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From Farah Hosseini - 27 Dec 2006

I came to your web-site by accident. I was googling raccoon dogs to see what they were after reading about puff daddy's coats being pulled from Macy's.

Your web-site was so disturbing but disturbingly enlightening also. As someone who has considered themselves an animal lover, I really felt more and more like a hypocrite.

I had to stop after looking at 5 of the exploited animals you documented. The images kept running through my head making me sick.

I sent the web-site to members of my family and they deleted it. They didn't want to see the images. It's hard to look at. It's hard to look at what we do.

I decided to make an effort to go vegetarian. I don't know if I can totally cut out eggs and dairy at least right away but I am trying to look at alternatives and investigate more about being a vegetarian. I would never wear fur anyway.

I think if more people understood and were willing to look at how animals really suffer they might be willing to entertain vegetarianism also. I think it's hard because all anyone has been taught from childhood on is a meat-eating diet. It's all around us.

I wish it could be different but it's too depressing and defeating to become consumed on what we can probably have so little impact on ourselves other than our own actions.

Your web-site can help other good people have more awareness and hopefully feel more compassion than we think we have when our actions really speak differently. I hope I have enough character to stay the course and make a statement for compassion.

Thanks for your site.

Farah Hosseini

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Farah:

Thank you very much for writing to us and for passing the information along to your family, even if they didnít look at our web site. You concern was still registered in their minds. Please continue to tell others.

We have a large recipe section that should be of interest to you: 

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

Follow-up From Farah

I looked at the photos of what they do to the raccoon dogs. I think I'll have nightmares about that. How can cruelty like that exist? Why do they keep the animal alive throughout that horrendous torture. I wish the fur trade was abolished. Deeply disturbing. How can people like Sean combs or J.Lo have clothing lines with fur. Do they have no heart.

It disgusts that anyone would sell fur.

Farah Hosseini

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Farah:

Thank you for your second letter.

There are a lot of people who are very hard of heart, and just because they are in the public eye it doesnít make them any more loving or compassionate. By exposing the truth, we also expose their hardness.

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