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From Chanda Griffith - 6 Jan 2007

Dear Sir or Madam:

Tonight, while browsing the internet, I was shocked to find out that a common practice of human cruelty is still shown around the net, in places as common as kids' game sites and forums. Pictures have been posted in one particular kid-friendly forum, which depict cruel violence against living beings. No, not something as awful as pedophilia, or murder, but still horrible. Animal cruelty.

Pictures of a burning kitten have been posted (complete with a before and after scheme of the cat as it burnt and died). They are as graphic as they can be, not even slightly censored, and, as known, illegal.

I'd like to call your attention on this. I am not aware of who did this, and posted the original pictures online. Most probably, a kid found them and posted them in this site. But just like it found its way here, it could have found its way anywhere, as well as other pictures of worse acts. I ask of you to do whatever you can to make sure that the one who committed this crime is tracked down and punished.

I thank you for your time, and ask of you for your immediate help.


Chanda Griffith

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Chanda:

Thank you very much for sending us this information.

What these cruel people did to this kitten is inexcusable, and is illegal in most States in the US.

We disagree, however, that it's wrong to show such things on the internet. The truth needs to be exposed, so that people like you will become horrified enough to speak out and demand an end to the cruelty, and not just complain about the exposure. We need all the exposure we can get until public outcry becomes so strong that laws will be passed to end the use, abuse, and exploitation of animals. They deserve the legal rights not to be treated this way!

Please tell as many other people as you can.

[Note: the images described above have been posted to the Cat Animal Exploitation page.  Following that, please review our Animal Rights Activism section next.]

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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