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From Diana - 5 Feb 2007

I am fourteen and I am deeply shocked and disturbed by seeing the abusive pictures.  I saw those pictures and I could barely stand it. Even as I am writing this I am crying.

I could never imagine hurting my pets, Dixie, Mr. Kitty, Furball, or Callie. What sadist would set a cat on fire for enjoyment? And I want to know why people would put electrodes in their heads.

Perhaps you could respond, I'd appreciate that.

I am not able to help you now, but I support my local no-kill shelter and I adopt as many pets as I can. I just wanted to tell you how I felt after this.

Well, you guys have my blessing and I hope to hear from you.


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Diana:

Thank you for writing.

From many years of trying to understand the root causes of the horrible things people do to animals, we have come to the conclusion that there are two primary reasons:

  1. Animals canít speak for themselves, and sadistic people believe they can get away with torturing them.

  2. Because of the way people have hardened their hearts to feeling the suffering of the animals on their plates, they are less likely to care for any other animal, and even our fellow human beings and the environment.

And, you can help, now, by telling as many other people as you can about what you have learned.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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