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From Mary - 13 Feb 2007

Dear Sir/Madam

I just looked through your pictures on dogs and how they are abused in different circumstances. First of all, i just want to say that i love dog and all animals. I do not believe that animals should be treated cruelly. I was moved and saddened to see how humans are evil though at treating the dogs, and I'm sure other animals. I am not a vegetarian though, and do not intended on being one. I believe that what would be more effective is to advocate that animals are not exploited or degraded when it comes to slaughtering, and things like using their skin.

My compassion is that animals should be treated well and when slaughtered, not done in the way this photos show. Or even how cows and chickens are slaughtered cruelly at times. Animals i believe are a food source provided by God, but we are supposed to take care of them, even when it comes to consuming them.

I support your program that animals should not be mistreated, and wish you best of luck with it. I hope i do not sound like I'm contradicting myself. I do agree that animals should NOT be mistreated, but I don't find anything wrong with them being consumed. If the latter could be done without the former, things would be great. I hope that's how it becomes.

Best wishes with your endeavors

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Mary:

Thank you for writing.

The problem is that people have been trying to stop the cruelty to animals for over a century by trying to reason with the industries and all that has happened is that more and more animals are suffering.

Kindness and compassion cost these people money, so it the last thing they are going to do.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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