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From Peter Bellecy - 24 Feb 2007

I have never cried like I did when viewing the out-and-out cruelty of these Chink bastards [skinning raccoon dogs alive]!  I am not going to stand for this anymore! If I had the wherewithall to completely destroy these Gooks, Slopes, Chinks, Dinks, and any other derogatory appellation I can think of, I would load a WMD and drop it on them and their ilk!

I am a very outspoken individual, and I am, at times, called a racist by some of my, Sister Mary, peers, but this cruelty to living things makes me want to just go on a spree, wiping out all evil! Some call me a deranged being, but they just go on letting all this happen!

When are we going to do something to stop our own gov't. from killing Wolves, Polar Bear, and other animal species too numerous to mention, in the name of profit?

I've let you know too much about how I really feel. I notice that no one else has let out their true feelings; I just have to clear the air at times. I pray to God that he comes back and frees the real people of the Earth. Destroying Radical Islam would be a good first step! I am in understanding of the real Islam and it is not what we hear about.

I am a member of The Humane Society of the U.S. and think that humans are the wrong ones to be in charge!

Peace to you all; with Love;

Peter B.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Peter:

Thank you for writing. We well understand your feelings, but we have learned over the years to funnel that anger into peacefully informing the public about this unbelievable cruelty, and it is having a positive effect. The more we spread the message and encourage public outcry, the sooner the suffering will end.

Please spread the message to everyone you can, and refer them to our web site so that they can see for themselves.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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