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From Jimmy T Everette - 12 Jun 2007


I am a 15 year old teenager and I am crying as if I have lost a family member. I am very sensitive towards animal cruelty, and I'm here with my whole face wet

What is Bush doing? Why doesnít anyone stop this! What is PETA doing?

Why are Japanese so mean?

I just donít understand!

Please email me back because together we can stop this and if you go on youtube and type in animal cruelty you can see animals being tortured live and we could use those towards our defense too.

Every time I saw one of those pics my body got a cold chill and I just felt like DIEING!

To let you know how much I love animalsóbasically I would give MY life that I love DEARLY to save an animal's life!

Thatís my love for them! Itís sad cause they can't scream, yell, or defend themselves.

And the one that really touched me was the cat on fire and the dogs!

I couldnít go on after that I stopped I couldnít see the elk and the others; its too much.

I have the same cold feeling while typing this.


Thank you

And have a blessed day

Jimmy T Everette

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Jimmy:

Thank you for your compassionate letter and suggestions.

PETA is work on solving this problem, just as we are. Unfortunately, the President seems to be supporting the people who do these dastardly deeds.

The key to ending the cruelty is exposing the truth to the public until public opinion demands an end the use and exploitation of animals.

Take a look at
and see if gives you any ideas about what you can do to help.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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