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From Betty (2) - 28 Mar 2003

Hi again from Betty,

I do not believe God put animals on this earth to 'serve' man in any way. He put man on earth AFTER he put the animals here as an afterthought to the animals! Man's role is to be Gods servant and to see that God's creatures are respected and cared for and provided with room to grow naturally as God intended them to.

As far as animal experimentation: testing on animals does not insure that products are safe. Thalidomide, the drug given to women to ease morning sickness, was EXTENSIVELY tested on animals with no side effects to the animal's fetuses but when given to humans it caused severe birth defects. (flipper hands coming from the baby's shoulders) Numerous drugs tested on animals fail when tested on people.

I read of one test in which cats were decerebrated. In other words the cat's brains were cut apart so that the cats remained alive but had no powers of thinking or problem solving or learning. Then these zombie cats were forced to walk on a treadmill too see how they adapted to the treadmill changing speeds. Now, why do we need to know how a zombie living cat walks? Actually the experimenters didn't know why they did this experiment either.

To date the ONLY people who have used this research data is a Japanese company who is manufacturing robot walking toys for children! How sick is this? Wouldn't the child be happier with a live kitten to play with and to learn respect of animals and responsibility from?

How on earth can anyone justify the live vivisection of an animal with absolutely NO GOAL to what the research will provide?

Do you really want your pet cat made into a walking zombie so a child can have a fancy made in Japan toy? Oh yes, of course the cats were killed after the experiments and tossed in the trash.

The only goal of the majority of animal experiments is so the researcher can get a paper published to keep their tenure at the college where they are working. I vote we experiment on the minds of anyone so sociopathic that would vivisect a live animal. Perhaps then they could write a research report by just thinking about it with the computer ports that will be fused to their brains just like the animals they tortured.

It is truly the silence of the lambs and other creatures that let man get away with these atrocities. I wonder how life would change if animals could speak. This is no different than taking a human baby unable to speak yet and experimenting on them. Animals are people too!

Love and Light and Blessings, Betty

Reply from Frank

Dear Betty:

Thanks again for your additional comments and questions.

According to the Bible the relationship of animals to humans was to be similar to that of children. Adam's naming of the animals was typical of the elder in the family bestowing a name on a child. They were to be under our protection.

Mary is a retired registered medical technologist, and she knows all to well the horrors that goes on in research laboratories. She refers to it as legalized sadism.

In the Love of the Lord,


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