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From Betty - 28 Mar 2003


Your site is a real eye opener.

I agree that animals have souls and it is man's twisted interpretation of the Lord's words that make animals less than man. We are all the same, cat, dog, chicken, human.

Many great religious leaders respect the life of animals as we respect our own life. The words of the Dalai Lama ring true; "All beings tremble before danger and death. Life is dear to all. When a man understands this he does not kill or cause to kill."  The fear and suffering on the faces of mass produced animals shows they feel pain and fear death as we do.

Perhaps in the days of the family farm where animals knew the feel of the sun on their backs and lived their lives close to their natural state the practice of eating meat was less horrible. But with mass production of animals like car parts on a Detroit assembly line, the quality of life of the animals is nothing less than legalized torture.

And don't forget 'sport' hunting. It is equally horrible to think of a wild and free animal being shot in it's own home, which is the woods and fields. The maimed and wounded go unfound and the hunter steals the animals beauty and vitality to display the animals antlers or feathers as some sort of trophy. I would think it would be more of a trophy to get close enough to capture the live animal on film only and keep his God given beauty and masculinity free.

It is true that when man can so easily throw a live animal in a pot of boiling water (lobster anyone??) and consider it a delicacy that this is how similar atrocities can be waged against fellow man.

Bravo to your site and may God and all His creatures Bless your work to enlighten the lower life forms known as humans.

Love, Betty and her critters.

Reply from Frank

Dear Betty:

Thank you very much for your comments. They are very much appreciated.

In the Love of the Lord,



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