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From Casey - 30 Mar 2003

I'm doing this the second time; probably God doesn't like me.

I can understand the holocaust that's going on.  I was introduced to Christianity but I've lost salvation; I cannot forgo the worldly lust.  Now I'm more of a self thinker.  In Buddhism, even the basic level preaches of "living" peace in deriving of "inner" peace. But the world is created inevitable, I have my desire career in F&B. Every bloody soul will say they are appalled by the eyes, but is it radical to make hearty vegans out of this mass population? If weak minds like me can't even follow the simple guidance, how can it change their flesh? If God created the chosen, should we peruse in the process?

I think the question is, the salvation but is that the true love for God?...every life still goes on to the End.

Reply From Frank

Dear Casey:

Thank you for your letter.

Be assured that God does like you; in fact, He loves you very much!

From the way you write, I don't believe you lost your salvation, but only misplaced it. If you would like it back, just ask God to restore it. If you mean it, He will.

What is F&B?

When a person becomes a Christian, there should be a heart change, a softening of one's lifestyle to a more peaceful, loving, and compassionate way of living. We believe that veganism is a logical part of that journey of maturing in God's love.

People have a free will. They can choose to be kind or they can choose to be cruel and support cruelty. When people's hearts change, they should leave cruelty behind; thus, it is logical to assume that one day Isaiah's prophecy of the peaceable kingdom will come to pass. In the meantime, all we can do is live in peace and tell the truth.

In the Love of the Lord,


Response from Casey

Dear Frank:

Its nice to know that I still have a choice to live, thanks for reminding me.

By chance...It happened probably not by mistake that I came across your website; I spent the night browsing through the facts and came to realization.

My opinion hopes to provide a more radical approach to eliminate their sufferings in the long term. I hope that people understand, not from a religious point of view, but from their heart-feel, that they need to control their self-centeredness. People need to be educated the fact that we need only minute quantities supplement of animal protein to live. God created mankind, giving them the option of eating meat, in a respectable and responsible manner.

I mentioned about F&B, which means Food & Beverage (indirectly hospitality).

I've been planning to do this as a future embarkment in my career. Its my only interest and only ambition to get ahead of my life.

Being my pleasure to discuss this issue with you, maybe one day we will meet,

God knows! Bless you...

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