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From Chandra Maniedeo - 11 Oct 2003

Your information is extremely informative--I, and many others, had no idea of these horrific realities.

If you'd like some constructive feedback: If you eliminate the references to God and what an abomination killing animals is to Him, etc., your site would look more credible...the way it is now has a ring of "gung ho, holy roller" to it. Consider this: the facts and graphic photos you provide are incredible, sickening, and extremely saddening...and very powerful by themselves. There are some people out there that feel uncomfortable with Holy references due to viewing religion and belief in Him as a very private and sacred thing. So many references cheapen belief in Him and the obedience and respect for His really looks like religious fanaticism. Narrating ONLY the facts of the particular photo being presented is more than enough--and keeps the focus on the atrocities rather than getting distracted by questioning the appropriateness of the religious commentaries and quotes. Sometimes if you allow people to come to their own conclusion (especially if the already care enough to look at your site), it is much more profound.

Again, thanks for the eye-opening realities and investigation of a surprisingly disappointing and misleading industry.

P.S. The photos and details given about how dogs and cats are treated and viewed in Korea and other Asian countries was a very good tool to use for a truly eye-opening comparison to our cultures own brutalities.

Reply by Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Chandra:

Thank you very much for your letter, compliments, comments and suggestions. We appreciate them very much.

The religious issue is a mixed bag and we get letters on both sides of the issue. One of the reasons for including the Biblical references is to try to embarrass the Christian community to do something to end these atrocities, and to take a stand against the cruelty that is all too often promoted in the churches (i.e. support of hunting and factory farming). So far it has been effective.

In the Love of the Lord,


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