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 From Francis Miville - 16 Dec 2003

I am disgusted by the treatment done to farm animals nowadays, even though I must admit I am a meat eater sometimes.

The way we treat animals to eat, is the same way we are more and more being subject to the laws of brute market forces.

Nevertheless, Jesus offered fish to his disciples. At least the fish before being fished leads a fish's life, and its death is more akin to falling asleep than to butchery. I think also that Jesus offered fish a form of transition from meat-eating to vegan food for protein-hungry people such as heavy-duty laborers. Much of Jesus' life has been censored by Churchianity, but I think by putting an end to all animal sacrifices in his own religion he banned all animal slaughtering, period.

Most of theological aberrations can be linked to the tolerance of so-called Church fathers for meat-eating, even though the very first Christians were for the most part vegetarians.

Even if it were not for animals' experiencing suffering while being industrially raised and slaughtered, the fact that it takes much more resources to produce meat than health foods should motivate genuine Christians to give up meat-eating.

Reply by Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Francis:

You're a ray of sunshine shining through the clouds. We wish the whole of Christianity would be so enlightened, for if they were, we would see an end to wholesale animal cruelty.

In the Love of the Lord,


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