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From Kate - 8 May 2003

I was looking at all of your pictures on your site and I was really digested.  I feel really bad for those animals and I really don't want to eat meat anymore, I don't think I will ever look at it the same way again.  But I was thinking and....... aren't organic farms okay?  Because animals are raised healthy and not suffering but living on open land?  And when they die we would eat them? Don't you think meat is okay to eat then??

I would really appreciate if you replied me back.



Frank's Reply - 9 May 2003

Dear Kate:

Thank you for your letter and comments.

Small organic and free-range farms may treat their animals better than factory farms, but we have uncovered evidence that this is not necessarily true in many cases. As an example, a chicken farm only put mesh up on one end of the shed so that the overcrowded chickens could have some fresh air and light, and claimed that they were free range.

We have also uncovered the fact that several dairy farms were mistreating their cows.

And don't forget that almost all of these animals go through the same slaughtering process with all its fear and pain.

In the Love of the Lord,


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