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From Katy - 25 May 2003

Dear All-Creatures,

Thank you for caring so deeply and creating the website that you have. However, I do find of your views a little extreme.  I respect the fact that it is your religion though and although I'm not religious myself I can't bear to see this happening.

What people don't seem to realise is that humans are animals as well.  If a cat scratches a human because the human bothered them it is wrong, but if a human slits a cat's throat just because some greedy human will give them money for it's fur, it's right somehow?

If someone murders a human in some parts of the world they could be executed.  However, if an animal is murdered then the practice is allowed to continue OR they may gain a small fine or a few months in prison.

It's not justifiable by any means.

Animals feel anger, sadness and pain.  In fact some of them are far more sensitive than a human could ever be. Therefore I was outraged at an article recently published in a UK newspaper that fish do not feel pain when people are fishing.  Fish feel pain just as much as you and me, they just cannot scream against it when a sharp hook shreds their mouth apart.  Why aren't these people having sharp hooks pushed into their mouths and then dragged through the air?

Anyway, as much as I believe every animal has a right to walk this planet without fear of humans, I eat meat. As long as the animals are raised and killed humanely, as much as I would love it to stop, I guess it has some kind of right to go on.

Yes, pigs, sheep, cows, chickens and other meat animals are intelligent souls, but they are not bred to interact with humans and be their companions, whereas cats, dogs and horses are.

I have heard stories on other websites where dogs that are slaughtered for their fur still have trust in their eyes even as their killer leans over them with a knife. They still believe that there's a better tomorrow with their human "friends", but sadly there is not.  Dogs are more companionable to humans than cats are, but cats still put trust in the hand that feeds them (or doesn't feed them and slaughters them instead as the case may be).  They see these humans and think, "Maybe it'll be OK soon!"  It's sickening that they have to be put through such suffering and torment.

I could rant on for hours about the horrible yet true things you have presented on your site, but in summary, some humans just have no hearts. How anyone can stare at a fluffy and adorable kitten and think, "MEAT AND FUR! PROFIT!" is beyond me.

- Katy, 15

Frank's reply

Dear Katy:

Thank you very much for your compliment, encouragement, and for sharing your thoughts with us. They were anything but a "rant".

We have found a few places that do humanely raise animals for food, but we have never found a place of humane slaughter, and sincerely doubt that such a place exists.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,



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