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From Katy - 26 May 2003

Looking back on my e-mail (which I managed to construct at 2am), I realise that you are right.  There is not really a humane way to slaughter anything, or one that will be quick and cheap for that matter. Even if you put the animal to sleep it wouldn't be fit for human consumption, so there's no easy way out.

On the other side though, an article published by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) stated that if all of the UK went vegan, then the fields in which cattle, sheep and other animals are raised would be left unmanaged causing a large loss of habitat for creatures that relied on the hedgerows and fields for shelter and food, such as butterflies. In certain parts of the USA and other countries there are birds called Cattle Egrets which, surprisingly, make their homes in fields where there are cattle.  If the cattle were no longer needed, then the Cattle Egrets would be without a home. Yes, they could move to another field, but there would be without their bovine buddies.

I guess as long as humans exist, we will continue to torture our defenceless animal friends.  Even if we saw them as brothers and sisters (as I do), there would still be sibling rivalry.

I'm going to repeat something that I was told in a school assembly:

"Only when the last fish is caught, only when the last tree has fallen, only when the last river is no longer clean - only then will humans realise that money cannot be eaten."

Thanks for the response, and please continue spreading the word, as I will!

Frank's reply

Dear Katy:

It was a joy reading your letter. Thank you for your comments.

The article you referenced doesn't make a lot of sense in the real world, because everyone wouldn't become vegetarian over night. Such a change would be more gradual, and thus the ramifications would be hardly noticeable.

Your closing quote is very true and appropriate.

In the Love of the Lord,



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