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From Katherine Keene - 2 Jun 2003

I agree with what you are saying. Every last word. I eat meat occasionally, but I will not any more.  Its horrible what people do to animals, we're not meant to eat or digest it.  I think that if everyone saw these pictures they would agree too.  See everyone is so brain washed now.

Later in the day, Katherine wrote us a second letter.

I think that if everyone would think for themselves, even if they're not religious, they would see its wrong.  

Animals are just like us.  They have families, social interaction and most importantly they feel pain and love.  

Of course many people just care about themselves so it will take time for people to see its wrong.  I'm not even that religious and I believe its wrong, so in a way it has nothing to do with God, but within ourselves.  

I believe in reincarnation, and say you come back as a chicken or a cow.  You will think the same thing they think: what did I ever do to deserve this?  Ask your self: what have they done?  Nothing but eat grass or hay.  They are harmless gentle creatures, we can survive without eating them.  It's much healthier.

Any way, the point is you can't change people: you can only inform them, and hope that they are good enough of a human being to change.  Change takes time, but if you care enough about something, you can do it.

Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Katherine:

Thank you very much for both of your letters and comments. We hope and pray that your words will be another spark to help kindle the fire of compassion in others so that they will also change and do no harm to the animals.

In the Love of the Lord,



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