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From Leah Wild - 6 May 2003

I realise that you are trying to help all the poor animals who are suffering out there, but you were obviously able to go and watch these terrible things happening to take such graphic photographs of them!

You also neglect to have on your website, even in very fine print, that the pictures are of the very very worst that can happen. not every animal owner, dairy farm operator or egg farmer tortures their animals.

I think you are very narrow minded people to say that all humans are evil, that the bible has anything to do with life, and that all people except for those who are vegetarian or vegan are doing the RIGHT thing by animals.

You also have nothing about horses that I found on your site, which I was most appalled at. horses are terribly fragile and loving animals and you have nothing to say about the cruelty to them?! are you horse riders? or owners?

Anyway. before I get angry at your incompetence to look from many angles at your concerns and to allow people to see and understand a concept, I will end this.

Frank's reply

Dear Leah:

Thank you for your letter and comments.

From the tone of your letter, you appear to be someone who has farmed animals, or who is close to someone who has them.

The evil we write about is the willful acts of causing pain and suffering to other living beings, and relishing in eating their body parts instead of having remorse.

The photos we have published were taken by many photographers around the world, and unfortunately they did have to witness the horrors in order to have the hidden truth presented.

Unfortunately, from our own research and investigations, these atrocities seem to be the norm rather than the exception. Others have also confirmed our findings.

We have been adding new information and photos about the abuse of animals almost every week to our Animal Exploitation Photo Journals and other articles. Horses are indeed on our agenda and you will see them soon. And, we do not have horses.

In the Love of the Lord,



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