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From Mike 3 Jun 2003

What's the point of this website?  A person would have to become a vegan to stop using animal products, and then that person would be unable to shave, use soap, or almost any other product sold on the market, because all products are tested on animals.  You can't even buy flea powder for your dog because they have tested these products in a cruel manner on other dogs.  

Apparently no one, including you has any workable ideas for improvement. To say don't use any products isn't going to work, even if I was to become a complete vegan, I wouldn't make any difference.  

Why don't some of you groups organize some kind of political voting bloc?  Perhaps if a few politicians knew that THEY in particular, fair or no fair, were going to be held responsible for enacting laws that would protect animals, then maybe a few lawmakers might start reforming the laws.  

It seems to me to be a futile cause, for many reasons.

If you believe in God, you are one of the lucky ones, because if there is a just and almighty God, then this atrocity will not go unvindicated.

Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Mike:

Thank you very much for your very interesting and thought provoking email.

Do I detect some frustration concerning your world vision?

We also have become frustrated at the hardness of heart of our fellow human beings who continue to perpetrate the atrocities, or turn a blind eye to what is happening.  On the other side, since we put up these animal exploitation sections on our web site, we've been getting daily emails from people who have seen the truth and who are becoming vegan.

You're also misinformed about not being able to live as a vegan. There are all kinds of food and other products that contain no animal products and that are not tested on animals. We've been vegans for over 15 years, and we know we are making a difference.

The insect issue is sometimes a little more difficult, but there are repellants to use instead of lethal remedies.

In the Love of the Lord,


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