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From Mindy Tucker - 21 Jan 2003

Hello Again!

I visited your web site back last year and you put my story about Muffin and the butterfly, and our precious dog Cookie, on your site.

We stay so busy, that I don't get much time to just "browse," but I really took time tonight to read about the atrocities inflicted upon our companion animals and cows, chickens, foxes, sheep, and the list goes on and on.  The pictures made me cry and cry and my heart grieves for these and ALL who suffer.  I PRAY from the very depth of my soul, that these pictures and stories affect MORE PEOPLE this way.  People NEED to SEE and REALIZE the suffering and horror, not just turn away.  We need to make people AWARE, as you have in these graphic photos, how animals REALLY SUFFER!!

I look at our animals lying by the fireplace on this cold winter night, and I think of the little ones caught in traps, hit by cars on the highway, and ones suffering one plight or another.  It breaks my heart!

Just yesterday, as if a little tom cat KNEW where to come before the weather turned off so bitterly COLD, a pretty, but skinny, young orange and white cat ran up to me in our front yard, crying.  He had a horrible bloody patch about 3 in by 3 in of skin ripped off his back.  I don't know WHAT could have happened...possibly another animal got a hold of him. "Tom Jr.," as he has already been named, was taken to the vet, and now has pain-killing antibiotic cream and oral antibiotics to take, and is enjoying his warm bed with plenty of food and water close by!  It's like God just "sends them to us."  He knows that we never turn them away.

I was reading a quotation from St. Francis Of Assisi, and he said, "If you have men who will exclude His creatures from the shelter of compassion and will have men who will deal likewise with their fellowman." This is SO TRUE.

I'll send some pictures of our pets and some family members, so you can see who is e-mailing you!

May God Bless you always, for your love and kindness and caring for His creatures.

Your Friends In Christ,

Mindy and Jim Tucker, and pets 

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