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 From Rebecca Norris 23 Jan 2004

Hello, my name is Rebecca Norris, I am a 15 year old girl deeply devoted to animals and I hate to see them in the state that you have published on your web site. Although the images are very disturbing, it gives people an insight into what happens to the meat they eat. I am not yet a vegetarian, but after seeing how the animals are killed, I think I will be from now on.

I think you should put a petition on this web site for people to sign, so that you could then send it off to the government for them to see just how many people think this is wrong. I have nothing against the killing of animals, as long as while they are alive they are kept in good, clean, friendly natural environments, where they can interact with others and know that they are loved. Then when they come to be killed, the are killed quickly so that they feel no pain and don't know anything about it. It should be done out of the way of any other animals if it is too be done at all, but I'd rather every one [was] stopped altogether. Also, only the needed number of animals should be killed, to stop wasting and the dumping of bodies.

The people that work in slaughterhouses should be hung up how they hang the innocent animals, and have done to them what they do to the animals and let the queue of people awaiting there turn watch and worry just like the animals do. Then [they] should be killed slowly and painfully so that they know how the animals felt before they died a horrible pointless death. Only then can people begin to realize that what they are doing is wrong and that all animals should be treated friendly, not like people, because that is just as cruel, but to be natural as if they were in the wild.

I feel that your web site is a very good idea to help people along the lines of caring for animals. Keep it up. I think another category you can put on the site could be the suffering of donkeys in India and Pakistan, dying in the deserts, having no water and food, carrying heavy loads for miles, and worked until the drop down dead on the spot.

Please, please, please email me back as to what you think of my suggestions.

Thank you ever so much.

Yours Faithfully

Rebecca Norris

Reply by Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Rebecca:

Thank you very much for your email, compliments and expressions of compassion.

Unfortunately, humane slaughter is a myth. It won't happen commercially because of the cost. Your decision to go vegetarian (vegan) is the only answer to stopping the pain and suffering. The more we spread the truth to others, the sooner people will demand an end to animal suffering.

We'll see how we can work in a petition. Thanks for the suggestion.

In the Love of the Lord,


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