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From Sommer-Leigh Landry-Miller - 6 Mar 2003


I think your site is great for opening the eyes of those who do not know about the cruelty committed to animals. I happen to be one of them, but I also happen to be a Christian. Your are right, these are the animals that God has blessed us with, and we are to treat them humanely.

A lot of the things you wrote went over board. I do not in any way condone the acts of slaughter houses but these people are not wicked. I eat meat and I have occasionally enjoyed veal. I know, now after having seen your site I wont ever enjoy veal again, but I realize that meat is an essential part of my diet and God did give us animals as part of our diet.

God never said an animal had a soul, and as horrible as this might sound, coming from a Christian and an animal lover this isn't everybody's issue. Only those who have a heart for animals.

Please do not accuse everybody of being cruel and sadistic for something they do not understand or care to fight for, this is part of their daily lives. God has given me a heart for animals and when I get older I would like to work at improving the animals lives and that when it comes to killing them for food they are humanely put down and treated with the utmost care.

Animals are to be respected as you have so blatantly pointed out, and I agree, but not everyone is a vegetarian, and your site said in no uncertain terms that those who aren't are sadistic and evil. That is wrong and if you are a Christian, as a Christian I would hope that you would realize that this simply isn't true. Even our Lord ate meat. Thank you for having read this.

Sommer-Leigh Landry-Miller
(15 years old)

Reply From Frank

Dear Sommer-Leigh:

Thank you very much for your letter and comments.

Actually, God did create both humans and animals as living souls (Hebrew: neh-fesh khah-yawh). The problem is that our English translations translate it one way for humans and another way for animals, but in the Hebrew both are referred to as living souls.

The main problem with farmed animals today is that almost all of them are mistreated during their life time, and virtually none are humanely slaughtered. It is this mistreatment that is evil. Thus, if other people know about these atrocities and continue to support them through their purchase of the animals' flesh and by-products, have they not become part of the evil act?

The main reason we published the articles on veal and egg production and our Animal Exploitation photo Journals is to help people become aware of the horrible treatment of animals, is to allow them to make a conscious decision of whether or not to support such evil practices. Obviously, you made the conscious decision not to support the evil connected with veal production.

Is not telling the truth and exposing evil a Christian act?

In the Love of the Lord,


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