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 From Tony Clohesy - 2 Oct 2003

I don't want to be on your discussion group, but I would like to voice my thoughts on your website if I may.

Firstly, it seems somewhat inconsistent with Christianity. We are told not to judge, and you accompany photos of farmers with damning character studies: 'this man must be a sociopath...'. The vision given to Paul on the roof declaring all creatures fit for humans to eat seems to contradict vegetarianism on the grounds of creatures having souls. I, personally, believe in the divine nature of all scripture, and this seems fairly clear to me.

However, I agree with a lot of what you say of cruelty. There are a lot of cruel practices going on in farming. Lambs are taken away from their mothers very early, and fattened indoors, then sold as January lamb, having never seen the outdoors. I don't like your attitude, though. You ruin a lot of your arguments by saying things like: look at the way the sheep are looking at the camera for help, even though we let them down... Any farmer will tell you what kind of rubbish you are talking here. Sheep look at anything or anyone which may be a threat. They run away. They wouldn't try to avoid you if they wanted your help.

I agree that the methods used for producing lamb are inhumane, and I don't eat meat that hasn't been prepared in a manner which I see as humane. The lamb I eat comes from lambs that live outdoors from birth (when the ewes are giving birth they have access to shelter, but prefer a field), and is caught and killed in less than a minute. No long hours of stress, etc in travel or inhumane practices which will no doubt develop when people deal with that kind of thing a lot.

In short, if you are to convince people like me to follow some of your practices, you'll have to cut out some of the emotional sludge and give more facts. Emotional photos can be found anywhere. Daft captions do more to ruin your arguments, in my opinion, than any external argument.

You can put this out on your list if you want to, but don't disclose my email address. I don't want a deluge of replies. However, I would be grateful if you would tell me what you think of all this, and any reasons for the things I have picked out. Thanks,


Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Tony:

Thank you for your email and comments.

Our comments about people who farm animals are based upon our research, and that of others, which show that about 95% of all meat sold for food in the United States comes from factory farming operation and commercial slaughterhouses.

We have spoken to both cattle and pig farmers who have expressed the same sense of interpretation about the look on the animals faces as they are being sent to slaughter, as being one of "why are you betraying me?"

Your comments about Paul is really about Peter, but your interpretation is counter to the culture of the time. Please read:  

Where is your farm? Do you just raise sheep for your own consumption or do you raise them commercially?

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,


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