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From the Autumn 2005 Issue

Christendom’s Compassionate and Cruel Contrasts

I’ve longed at times to establish one’s own church which would do full justice to the animals. Vacant chapel buildings have been considered, yet without financial help the odds have appeared to be against me. But then, words of encouragement have recently come one’s way via the internet. A most moving picture of Christ appeared – to my mind, far greater than Leonardo’s of the Last Supper - and accompanied by a paragraph that speaks volumes::

“The Church of Christ is never a place, but always a people; never a fold, but always a flock; never a sacred building, but always where believers gather in His name. The Church is you who pray, not where you pray. A structure of brick and marble can no more be a Church than your clothes of serge and satin can be you. There is nothing more sacred than you ~ for your soul is the sanctuary of God.”

How true these above words are! They are those of the present free-lance Bishop Of Glastonbury: Sean Manchester, OSG. I sense that, like myself, he is a radical cleric in that his approach to Christianity is much more akin to the early British Celtic Church than to that Continental usurper - corrupted by worldly ambitions - which sought to take over a rule akin to past Caesars rather than emulate the role of the lowly Galilean

I refer to that Medieval branch of Christendom which - very sadly, had more blood on its hands than all the later branches put together! Indeed, it persecuted with the sword – and later an inquisition – all who stood in its way. Yes, and not only did this begin in Britain, following Augustine’s demands that the ancient British church submit to its tyranny; it also manifested its ecclesiastical totalitarianism throughout Europe. Indeed, the Albigenses were sought out like hunted animals. Neither men, women nor children were spared the wrath of this retrograde system once - amongst other things - their vegetarianism came in conflict with ‘holy’ churches ‘just’ decrees!

Such persecuted groups of believers – all of whom were seeking to get back to New Testament forms of the original Christianity - were stigmatised as sects long before Luther ever came on the scene. There were – to name but a few – the Hussites; Albigensies, Waldenses, the Bogomils (Friends Of God) and - not least for Britain! - the Wycliffites. Indeed, in their varied attempts to get back to the original simplified forms of the Christian faith many became vegetarian. Indeed, to such an extent that ‘to prove the sincerity of a recant in preference to slow death by inquisitorial torture, their persecutors had them, individually, strangling a chicken and then eating of the same’. Yet, so strong were some to avow their vegetarianism as consistent with Christian ideals that they often chose the horrors of slow torture and death rather than have another living creature killed for their food.

Well – thank God! - there is no penalty whatever to become a Vegetarian in today’s world. Yet, it is surprising how many persist in making their bodies the graveyards for stressed up, murdered, beasts. And up to recently, the medical profession throughout the ‘civilised’ world commended flesh eating as essential for health!. Even today, throughout doctors’ surgeries, health centres and hospitals, one will be fortunate indeed to find a single poster or leaflet commending vegetarianism. It is to the rival and humane alternative therapies that one must turn for the commendation of truly humane and health imparting lifestyles.

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