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From the Autumn 2005 Issue

The Approval Of This Wonderful God Is All That Counts

Some speak of progress by stealth, but I don’t believe it ever works. When presented with my first parish a well-wisher said: “You’ve done extremely well for a first parish James. Play your cards right with the bishop and you’ll end up one day in his palace!” A senior cleric had earlier said: “keep in with the right folk here in ‘Firbeck & Letwell’ and you’ll be able to ‘sit back & purr well’! Well, I went out to view that valley of the Sheffield stockbrokers belt and ‘old Nick’ whispered in my ear: “all this is yours if you will but fall down and worship me!” .But I replied to this tallyho community - who sought to eagerly lavish me with cheese, wine and braces of pheasant: ‘Be gone Satan: Thou shalt worship the Lord Thy God; and Him only shalt thou obey’ I was very immature and vulnerable in those days. But I’m grateful to God that, at least, I responded as I did, even though many would have called me a blithering fool.

With the hindsight of the years, and the wisdom it brings, I know that if I’d succumbed then preferment would have followed. Over the years I’d have been programmed to conform further; and each time I did the mould would have hardened more, and one would have ended up as the leopard that cannot change its spots. But thankfully – regardless of very many faults - I have sought to live one day at a time realizing that in an hour we know not of the Son of man either returns for us or we may well be ushered in to His presence via premature decease. Consequently, to see evil today, and put off opposing it until a ‘possibly’ more influential tomorrow is, to my mind, a most despicable form of procrastination. As Christians we are called to make our footprints in the here and now!

It only seems as yesterday that Dr Rutt, then the Bishop of Leicester, persistently asked me to consider taking on the chairmanship of ASWA; while a most dear Valerie Elliott was eager to second me. After regrettable procrastination I agreed; but by then my coming divorce loomed up; and it was then made clear that – though the innocent party – I was not wanted...But then – a decade later – it was requested that I become an official adviser to them (I was then in the far north of Scotland and could hardly attend regular meetings in London!). Well, they most certainly meant well, and one appreciated their thoughtfulness.

It was also about this time that, CIWF eagerly approached me, for they wished to do a full page article about my efforts for the Cause. But then, by pure coincidence - a fortnight later - I was given top media coverage alongside of Robin Webb who’d given a brilliant oration at a rally against live exports. Well, he happened to be the official press representative for ALF. So you can guess the outcome: I never heard from CIWF again!

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