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From the Autumn - Winter 2007 Issue

Brief Review Of A Brilliant Book

Keith Mann’s truly wonderful 660-page book complete with an index and with 107 illustrations is, indeed, ‘a true classic for the cause’. No publication up to now that I have come across is as inspiring, as easy to read, and as gripping, as this living saint’s publication. Yes a living saint for God’s animal creation! His is a thick book, indeed, but with a soft cover. So be careful when folding back the pages; or offering to loan it out as it could return with a broken spine! Such a large and lengthy volume could turn lesser ‘book worms’ off reading it! Yet I can assure any activist who starts to read this monumental work that once they do they’ll not be able to put it down. And from a literary approach Keith’s inimitable style, revealing grotesque cruelty, but compensating with frequent humour as the work of liberation takes place, saves one from wanting to put it down as macabre and depressing. Animal liberationists are such a happy lot, even when so unjustly incarcerated in prison for coming to the rescue of vulnerable animals. The chapters are also short.  Indeed, I could even recommend the large publication as ‘a book at bedtime’ because each small chapter gets one wanting to read the next. And - like I’ve said - parts that touch on cruelty so often have such a happy thread through them. 

I have read many publications – frequently the outcome of works pursued for a doctorial thesis - and though informative, they are usually as dull, dead and depressing as their introverted creators who are missing out on life. Well, such negative remarks could never be said Of Keith Mann’s monumental achievement for such a noble cause: the pursuit of animal liberation. The literary style reflects the sparkle and ‘zest for living’ of its writer who combines a ‘happy go lucky’ charm with a deeply compassionate heart for all life that suffers.  And as for any criticism then I have hardly a remark to make as Keith Mann is still comparatively young in years, and things I could have touched upon were no longer a problem when Keith began ‘demo-ing’ so forcefully; soon to be put in prison for a most unjust length of sentence. ‘The punishment inflicted on Keith Mann did not fit the crime!’ Yet he did not go under, because the cause for which he fought went with him. Consequently, rather than go in to a shell of doom and gloom, he went from strength to strength, using each knock as a knock forward and each stumbling block as a potential stepping-stone. To touch in depth on any of the contents of this publication would be comparable to two ladies in a cinema I once sat behind. One had seen the film before “Don’t get worried; he doesn’t die at this point!” She blurted out as if for all to hear. “He’s not the baddy; she’s the real bitch who later poisons him!” Well, I poked her in the back with my finger and said: “Thank you, you have truly ruined my night!”  “What’s he on about?” she muttered to her friend in a low voice” Meanwhile, I made my way out along the dark and narrow row of seats behind. For her, the penny just hadn’t dropped!

      FROM DUSK TILL DAWN,  by Keith Mann, (660 pages & 137 illustrations) Price £19.99 (including p&p), is available from author: Keith Mann, BM2636. London WCIN3XX. Please make out cheques to: K. Mann

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