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From the Autumn - Winter 2007 Issue

Concessions ‘To Be Cruel’ Made For Religion!

Yes, indeed, we live in a very sick world when we allow concessions for cruelty to be granted in the name of religion. Indeed, how dare we call Yahweh or Allah ‘The All Compassionate One’ when we perpetrate unnecessary cruelty in His name!

It is high time that Christian animal activists took to the streets and said ‘enough is enough’ Far too many clergy – and laity too! – will only show their colours when encircled by the converted. However, this is not so for these lovely ladies I was privileged to support outside the Rhyl based Asda supermarket.

We couldn’t get to Birmingham, where Asda is blatantly and unashamedly selling ‘unstunned’, ritually slaughtered meat so we did the next best thing; we protested outside a local branch of theirs!  And that God was pleased with our efforts was surely revealed when – in the midst of a wet and extremely boisterous morning – the sun came out and a beautiful rainbow shone overhead.  In case you can’t make it out, the wording on the photo I’m holding - taken by Judi Hewitt on my left, who’d organised the vigil - it reads as follows: ‘Will ewe please treat me with respect and let me live?’  ’I’m not a lamb chop or a leg of lamb. I’m a living being just like you.

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