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From the Autumn - Winter 2007 Issue

The ‘Reformed’ Theology, As Guilty As The Roman!

The new influx of students entering Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, is a delight to behold. They would not be averse to calling themselves Baptized in the Spirit, born again and on their way to Glory. And much of this is due to the selection system of recruitment and the utter dedication of the new Principal to the Gospel message.  Nevertheless, his most recent appointment to his staff has been the wife of the C. Of E.’s most notorious hunting parson: Toddy Hoare!  And I’m not getting at the fellow who appears most affable. But I simply cannot understand how he, or his dear wife – newly appointed ‘lecturer in prayer and spirituality’ – can reconcile her two subjects she’s presumably specialised in, with hunting and shooting for which her husband has become notorious. Indeed, the article on the right is from the spiritually empty ‘Church of England Newspaper’ of August the 31st.

Toddy’s two brief theological works just do not hold water for me in relation with the moral peaks of a progressive biblical revelation. I honestly don’t see how they can! Need I, therefore, wonder why so many of those animal activists who are prepared to lay down their lives for animals, have washed their hands of the clergy and their various churches? Indeed, whenever I turn up at a demo or a vigil they look quite dumbfounded; and frequently they remark: ‘great to see you, but where are the rest of your type. They don’t care a toss for the animals!’  And, of course, they are right!  The fact is that evangelical Protestantism – particularly the Calvinistic branch - is frequently as guilty as Roman Catholicism. And that – very sadly – now appears to include the college through which I once graduated on my transition from the Congregational ministry in to the Anglican priesthood. Yes, in 1966, a Hall in which one would share Anglican studies, and a never to be forgotten fellowship, with a Jesuit priest, an Orthodox archimandrite, a living saint of an Anglo catholic called John Wright; and, while many younger students clapped hands for Jesus round a noisy piano, two others burned incense in their rooms to accompany their devotions.

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