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From Spring 2009 Issue

Why UK’s Notorious Vivisector Argues Against God

Is it any wonder that Dr Colin Blakemore should join others in supporting an evolutionary interpretation and theory of creation that discredits the very existence of God? This top opponent of animal rights activism obviously prefers to believe that death becomes for him the cessation of all consciousness. The New Testament teaching that after death comes the judgment day; to be followed by reaping what we have sown, is hardly what professor Colin Blakemore would want to consider. His eagerness to discredit God over national TV reveals to me that his reasoning is influenced by moral rather than rational factors. Common sense tells us that behind every effect there must be a cause and that dead, inanimate life cannot create consciousness. Indeed the psalmist of old knew it when he affirmed: ‘the fool has said in his heart, there is no God’. Only a person of fool mentality could surely say it?. And as for those slightly less devious folk who argue for a future Heaven of bliss, yet firmly rule out all thought of any future conscious Hell; well, how very convenient. They’ll be in for a shock!.

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