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From Winter 2010 Issue

Added To That ‘Heavenly Cloud Of Witnesses’

The New Testament ‘Epistle To The Hebrews’ reminds us that our fight against the forces of evil is not confined to human spectators who may delight in seeing us quake; but from the heavens above, those who have gone before us, and are spurring us on to victory. The story is told of C.T. Studd, a past cricketer of fame as well as an active Christian. A day or so before a prominent match his father died. Friends wondered how he would fair in the scheduled match. To their amazement, he excelled as never before. ‘Why was this?’, they asked. C.T.Studd’s reply was along these lines. “Dad had been confined to bed for many months and unable to watch me playing (it was before TV was popular); but today I simply knew that he was now looking down from Glory Land. He was spurring me on; so I simply had to give of my best!”

Friends, amongst those who have recently passed over and are able ‘to spur us on’ are these: a true Jewish saint: unassuming Naomi Lewis; a close Presbyterian friend: Jean Macmillan of Catholic Concern For Animals; Margaret Woolford a Vegan and devout Christian Spiritualist; also 53 year old Ray Jessop a dedicated Vegan activist and Salvationist. One could write an essay on the heroic life style of each one of these; but space does not permit.

We are passing rather speedily through this life; and the older we get the quicker the time passes! The animals are looking up to us to help them; so we dare not delay nor betray our calling. With saints such as those I’ve just mentioned – and many more applicable to each one of us – let us fight the good fight realising that we are not alone in the arena. We have multitudes of cheerleaders echoing down from heaven ‘above’!.

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