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Autumn 2011 Issue

Two Contrasting Types of Humans

Yesterday, I came across two types of human. Yes, and with, I sense, quite a contrast of age:

THE FIRST ENCOUNTER was in McDonalds while sharing with Doreen two Latte, chips and a Vegie-burger. ( What ever their past faults, I commend them for organic milk and eggs that are free-range!) Well next to our table was a young lad of twelve with the face of an angel. He was in the company of his granny as well as his single mum. Granny was eager to tell us that the young lad had received, for a whole year, ‘The Plaque Of Kindness’. Yes, a plaque which the headmaster awarded annually to the pupil who had excelled the most in true Christian kindness to all other forms of life: including fellow pupils and the rest of creation. Indeed, the young lad was truly unaffected; and – in all honesty - he reminded me very much ‘in looks’ of myself at that age, and I thought of those lines:

            Across the fields of yesterday, he sometimes comes to me;
            A little fellow back from school. The boy I used to be;
            And yet he looks so wistfully once he has entered in.
            I wonder if he hopes to see the man I might have been?

Well, I most strongly commend that young lad’s school, its Head and governors, situated somewhere in the Stockport region! Regardless of an atheistic past Blairite regime having been adamant to play down moral and spiritual teaching as a vital part of the school curriculum – the school attended by this lad obviously has its priorities well and truly on the right track..

THE SECOND ENCOUNTER was via the telephone when an Asian voiced lady told me of a grave problem that had arisen which was affecting Microsoft Window users throughout the UK.. She was most concerned to rectify the problem as, left unattended, it would attract more and more rubbish - slowing down the system and then, eventually getting in to the hard drive: thereby, completely ruining the facility for any further use.  In the ‘search programmes & files’ box I was asked to type in a website address; and due to having been taken by surprise, agreed to this and – before long – was asked to note a whole accumulation of files, pointed out as errors, which kept coming up. These, - said a cultured spoken Asian gentleman who had taken over from the less articulate lady - needed also to be ‘wiped off’ in due course. However, to complete the task, they – Microsoft Windows! - would need to get back to me on the next day at a time appropriate to myself.

Well, before that day arrived I contacted a dear friend who, though in his sixties, is undoubtedly a genius if not a ‘whiz kid’ on computers. “Don’t you realise that you have fallen for a scam James? I thought You would have had more sense than that!” Yes, taken quite off guard, by a plausible phone call I had fallen for what could have been lethal concerning the internet as well as my computer!. This wonderful friend speedily rectified the situation in the nick of time; and when the rogue responsible phoned for further access the next day, he unexpectedly got a piece of my mind!

Yes, with such devious and sinister folk around it is obvious that most human nature in the world is well below that of most species of animal, and it all confirms what I have expressed before, that an educational system which has rejected  - what was the only compulsory subject of the 1944 Educational Act: R.E! - is going to further the practice of literally turning little rogues in to exceedingly big ones. Yes - and now to bring us right up to date here in Wales! – within the last two years the Education minister for the Welsh Assembly (Labourite Jane Hutt) has thrown out R.E. altogether. Yes, and more amazing still, the chapels and churches – once the mouthpiece of the nation - have said and done nothing. They are so docile, afraid to rock both the boat and the farming community, that their sleep is the sleep of death.

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