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Autumn 2011 Issue

Remembrance Service - November 13, 2011 - 10:30am

The Animals’ War Memorial, Park Lane, London.  (Nearest tube is Marble Arch)

Officiant: Revd. George Ochola

I made it abundantly clear at the Animals War Memorial last Remembrance Sunday that it would be the last occasion that I would be leading the service, and that I was handing over the reigns - so to speak – to dear Fr George O’Cola of Watford who had so kindly assisted me at the morning services on the two years previous! Consequently, that is how it still rests; and now that my own parish is suddenly without a Vicar I have been invited to officiate locally on this coming Remembrance Sunday morning when – I can assure you! – a small red wreath will be placed for the animals here, following the two minutes silence at our local war memorial.
However - though officiating in my parish here - I would simply add that I’ll be very mindful of the many who will have ‘turned up ‘out of the blue’ again at London for the 10.30am Service; led by George O’Chola, and of dear Cynthia O’Neil – the instigator of this annual event - giving her usual opening words of welcome! One thing alone is vital: the animal victims of war must never be excluded from that poignant national two minutes of silence at their very own national memorial in London! Yes, and humans who turn up for it ( 65 of them last year; and on a wet day too! ) must never be let down.

As for both humans and animals – who died that we may live! – how utterly appalling ‘to their memory’ that whereas they were forced to ‘give their all’ so that the tentacles of a growing foreign dictatorship would be broken – that, now, our three leading political parties have been welcoming the growing tentacles of a largely non elected bureaucratic Brussels to usurp us!

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