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Spring 2013

Swotting For One’s Finals!

As one gets older – and God grant bolder! – the number of funerals I’m called upon to take for past friends, and fellow activists of our cause, seems to increase. Yes, and not to mention also ‘pet bereavement services’ for heartbroken mourners of all ages:

                                             Animal Padre swotting

What a privilege also to help people approaching, if not going through, the biblically expressed ‘valley of the shadow of death!’ I know of One to whom I can introduce them so as to carry them on their journey. He is none other than Jesus Of Nazareth, the Saviour of the world, who preferred to convey his purpose for humans as akin to that of a past loyal shepherd prepared to seek out and save from harm a wandering lost sheep. This Jesus has promised us a future home in a heaven as far beyond a human’s comprehension on this earth as is a chicken in the eggs concept of life outside of it
Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it entered into our hearts, what God has prepared for those who love Him.’ Such are the words found in the New Testament; and this is just one promise of assurance amongst very many more. Indeed, non believers just do not know what they are missing! Others will end up sorely shocked to the core, because - though they undoubtedly professed a living faith in Jesus - due to lack of love they will be rejected.
Yes, and many who least expected to even see those figurative ‘pearly gates’ will be welcomed through with untold blessing due to their altruism and love. The fact is that such a future dwelling of untold bliss is a place prepared for a prepared people! Consequently, as the apostle Paul reminds us: ‘Though I have faith to remove mountains, yet have not love, I am spiritually nothing’. Indeed, if we are not prepared to prove our sincerity to God through selfless love for both ‘man and beast’ then we’re hardly ‘burning the midnight oil’, in preparation for our own unavoidable ‘finals!’

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